T-SQL Tuesday #029 – Backup Enhancements – Recovery Advisor in SQL Server 2012

This weeks T-SQL Tuesday #029 is hosted by Nigel Peter Sammy (BlogTwitter)  and the topic is a useful feature in SQL Server 2012. I have been thinking about this for sometime and have been looking at different new features in SQL Server 2012 that are useful. I am sure that the list of cool and useful features in SQL Server 2012 would be a big big list. The feature which I want to talk about is the Backup Enhancements in SQL Server 2012.

By now most of you would have come to known about the Backup enhancements – Recovery Advisor.

By Recovery Advisor, it helps customers with a proper recovery plan for any particular database. With the different types of backups it can get tricky as to which backup is to be restored to get to a particular point in time, or to reach a particular data state. With Recovery Advisor not only it lists the optimal recovery sequence, it also provides with a timeline feature where you can easily identify till where you want your data to be restored. This one feature though looks like a very simple one is going to help new budding DBA’s and system administrators quite a lot. This would be one of the feature which would be most useful.

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