April #Meme15 : Blogs that stand out

This is my first entry towards #Meme15 and this month’s #Meme15 by Jason Strate (Blog|Twitter)  is about 10 blogs that has outstanding information about SQL Server.

Well there is enormous amount of information available through different blogs and many of the blogs are followed globally, I am listing few which are Gems and contain information that might not be available in many other blogs. These standout specifically due to content and due to the bloggers and the real experience they have in dealing with SQL Server. In no specific order here goes my list and apologies I don’t have 10 as I couldn’t figure the rest 2 from a huge list.

TroubleshootingSQL –  By Amit Banerjee
The SQL Dude – By  Sudarshan Narasimhan
SQL Server Faq – By  Parikshit Savjani
MSSQLWIKI – By  Karthick P K
SQLUninterrupted – By  Sourabh Agarwal
REPLTalk – Blog on Replication by Microsoft SQL Server Replication Support Team
Microsoft SQL Server Tips & Tricks – By  Microsoft SQL Server Engineers
CSS SQL Server Engineers – by CSS SQL Server Escalation Services


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