Query to get status of all jobs in Autosys

The below query will help to find the status of jobs in Autosys. You need to run the query against the SQL Server database backend of Autosys.

In the query I have declared a variable @GMTOffset. To get the GMTOffset value you can get the Offset value from the table “ujo_alAmOde”.

Declare @GMTOffset int;

select @GMTOffset = Int_val from ujo_alAmOde where [type] = ‘gmt_offset’; — (you need to get the GMTOffset value from ujo_alAmOde table)

jt.joid,jt.job_name,jt.job_type, jt.machine,
dateadd(second,jt.last_start-@GMTOffset,’1970-01-01′) as start_time,
dateadd(second,jt.last_end-@GMTOffset,’1970-01-01′) as end_time,
dateadd(second,jt.status_time-@GMTOffset,’1970-01-01′) as Last_Status_Time,
from ujo_jobst jt inner join ujo_INTCODES i
on i.fld = ‘status’ and i.code = jt.status
where i.text not IN (‘SUCCESS’ , ‘RUNNING’ , ‘STARTING’,’ACTIVATED’)
ORDER BY job_type

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